A car valet service to give you a better experience on your stay


Houzz has decided to open a hotel chain, Hotelzzz, that specializes in creating a home-away-from-home experience for guests around the world. Hotelzzz mission is to delight guests with a great experience, delight guests with a great experience, and utilize technology to bring the industry into the digital world.  I helped them developed a brand new valet parking experience and aligned with the mission of Hotelzzz.



Research began by looking at competitors in the marketplace. However,  there is not a car valet service I can review easily. So I studied some similar type of experiences such as self-parking service or on-demand transportation like Uber. The research process for me is also an inspiration process.

After completing the secondary research,  research questions were created and organized into 1:1 interview. Interviews were carried out with 2 people who have used valet parking service to understand their expectations by asking them questions.

I prefer self-parking because it is generally cheaper.

Some valet parking takes awhile to return the car, last time I waited 20 mins to pick up the car.


Firstly, from the competitor analyzing, I found most competitors' products have limited parking-lot information. And other competitors' products can't make a parking reservation for the user who may have a time issue. I would consider these issues in my project design.
Also, the on-demand product like Uber and Doordash gave me a lot of inspiration on the user flow aspect.

From the research data, I proceeded to create a persona and an empathy map to understand our users on a deeper level and a potential solution.

Jackson Y. is a Sculptor who based in San Francisco, CA. He always uses hotel parking service during his trip. In this interview, Jackson has shared his hotel parking experience with me.

Base on the research results above, how might we:

●   Develop a valet parking reservation service.
●   Build up a seamless hotel shuttle service.
●   Offer parking service in various pricing tier plans.

After having a clear picture of what the users were going through, I brainstormed and created a storyboard to show the user journey when people using the product of Hotelzzz to schedule a valet parking service from beginning to end.


Base on the storyboard, a user flow was created and which visualizes the path a user would take to complete a task. In this case, the flow is mapping out the path of using shuttle service to pick up a car.

Referring to the user flow, wireframes were built for each screen of the flow by using Sketch.

In order to show that I can adapt to Houzz's existing style efficiently, I used Houzz's brand guidelines on this design. Also, I created a set of icons aligned with the style of Houzz.


A High-Fidelity prototype was built for the future usability test. In this prototype, participants will be given a scenario with a task to complete:

●   Pickup your car from a valet by using shuttle bus service.

Next Step

If I were to continue with this project, I would do more interviews and run usability testing as well. Also, I would play out a couple of different user flows, including the experience of adding a door-to-door valet parking service and making more pleasurable animations to the prototype. Generally speaking through, I have learned a lot about how to inspire myself when creating a brand new user experience from nothing.